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You deserve better than a rushed hair treatment by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

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Body and Mind

Any form of hair loss, hair thinning or balding is technically called Alopecia. Loss of hair affects the individual’s personality and can put the person through depression. When the cycle of hair growth is disturbed or stopped, hair problems occur. Most of the problems, when diagnosed and treated early, can be reversed at ease. With pioneering work for over 20 years, Flairhair has many branches and is known for its quality treatment and customer care. We ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our service. We provide the best care at an affordable cost. Our customers are of all age groups, both men and women. With a classic touch in this field, you will have a one-stop solution to all your hair problems…… FLAIR HAIR.


Our Services


Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are 99% successful and are the most effective solution for hair loss.
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Hair Bonding / Hair Weaving

Hair Bonding means the bonding the silicon hair system to the bald portion of the head.
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Hair Patches

Wigs are one of the widely used option to treat baldness over the past years.
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Hair Loss Counselling

The emotional effects of male & female hair loss and what to expect from your doctor.
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Doctor Consultation

All our doctors are highly professional with years of medical experience. We aim to provide you easy and hassle-free Consultation
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Donate Your Hair For Cancer Patients

Wigs are one of the widely used option to treat baldness over the past years.
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