Guava Leaves – Best Hair Loss Treatment

Have you tried out every possible method to get rid of hair loss? Has your search for Best Hair Fall Treatment no ended yet? Do you want a faster and healthier hair growth? The answer to all the above have been dealt with the leaves of the sweet exotic fruit ..Continue Reading

Chemotherapy and hair loss: What to expect during treatment

You might not think about how important your hair is until you face losing it. And if you have cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy, the chance of hair loss is very real. Both men and women report hair loss as one of the side effects they fear most ..Continue Reading

Hair fall and precautions

Here I am gonna suggest you the most intriguing ways to avoid or control the hair fall. >> 1: Avoid oiling the hair too much. Many people have a habit to apply the oil regularly on the hairs this is what makes your hair unhealthy and promote the hair loss. ..Continue Reading

How To Avoid Hair-fall

The solution is so simple…yet I bet you never thought of it… become bald! Yes, no hair no hair fall worries.  And you thought I am blogging about some home-made concoction to do away with your receding hairline and now conspicuous scalp? Show you some miracle? And actually blog about ..Continue Reading

Radation Therapy and Hair

How will radiation therapy affect my hair? Hair follicles are very sensitive to radiation, and your treatments may cause you to lose your hair. Most patients will notice hair loss within the treatment area about three weeks after the start of radiation. You may want to have your hair cut ..Continue Reading

How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss: Beautiful and shiny hair is what every women desire. Lustrous locks can add so much to your personality but, the lifestyles we have they (beautiful hair) are a seen on few women these days. Hair loss is a big culprit for many women losing their ..Continue Reading

4 Methods to Use Onion to Stop Hair Fall

Onions are absolutely effective in inducing hair growth and are safe. Onions are rich in sulphur, when used alone or with a combination of other hair loss remedy enhance the blood circulation on the scalp and also improves the production of collagen tissues, which is necessary for hair growth. Ways ..Continue Reading

Hypnotherapy for Alopecia and hair loss

Hypnotherapy for Alopecia and hair loss Bad hair days for most people mean a few spilt ends, frizz, grease or lacklustre looking locks. Those suffering with alopecia however, have far more serious issues than a hairdryer on its last legs. Alopecia is a condition in which stress causes patches of ..Continue Reading