When your hair turns greyish

1. Restore Moisture As teens, oily glands were the bane of our existence. We lived in fear of pimples and how they would mar our social cred or ruin a school photo. (Yuck!) So you could be forgiven for thinking that producing less oil is a side benefit of getting ..Continue Reading

Healthy Diet And Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Fall Problem

Taking proper diet and regulating stress is important for preventing hair problems that cause hair fall. Dandruff is indirectly linked to increase stress and the problem of grey hair shows the body is undergoing the process of aging which can beaging by taking nourishment to reduce the impact of aging ..Continue Reading

Healthy Hair While You Sleep

Staying on top of a complicated hair care routine is no walk in the park. Between all the shampoos, deep conditions, and making bedhead look effortless, it takes oodles of time to look your best – and take care of yourself to boot. If you’re out there working that gorgeous, ..Continue Reading

Garlic Shampoo to Treat Hair Loss!

Obsessed about my hair, but lately I’ve been losing a lot of hair! I take respite in knowing that I’m not alone because everyone I know is also facing similar issues. Of course, I’ve been trying many products ranging from anti-hair fall shampoo, anti-hair fall hair oil, conditioner and anti-hair ..Continue Reading

Hairfall Causes and Impact

Many conditions and diseases can result in hair loss, as can improper hair care. The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary thinning or baldness. While daily shedding is normal, people who notice their hair shedding in large amounts after combing or brushing and those whose hair becomes thinner ..Continue Reading

Indian Head Massage, Essential Oils and Hair Loss indian head massage, essential oils and hair loss

Hair loss is perfectly natural. Apparently, we shed as many as 100 hairs every day. Hairs grow in a repeated cycle which consists of three stages – a growth phase (Anagen), a transitional phase (Catagen), and a resting phase (Telogen). Each hair goes through these three phases but not necessarily ..Continue Reading

Hair Care like Crazy – Read it!

Dry hair and too many knots to count? Your daily shower is one of the best secret weapons for locking moisture in all day long and helping to ease your pain. “Coat the hair in conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes, then use your wide-tooth comb to ..Continue Reading

Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea

Black tea is something which is not inaccessible in most kitchens. Dark tea is oxidised than other types of tea. It is also stronger in flavor than other varieties like oolong, green or white teas. Black tea so are the favorite beverage for people and contains more caffeine trying to ..Continue Reading

Hair de-tangling strategy

Need to work through some advanced detangling? Consider your strategy carefully, since not all approaches are created equal. Most of the time, according to Williams, wet hair will give you a detangling advantage. “Hair structure is made up of 97 percent keratin protein,” Williams explained at Huffington Post. “The weakest ..Continue Reading

Common Reasons For Eyebrow Hair Loss

Usually overlooked, eyebrows are an extremely notable component of someone’s encounter. The brows may alter a person’s look significantly if they have problems with insufficient development or hair reduction in the region and frame the face. The brows are regarded as in articulating individual feelings the main element, and have ..Continue Reading