Hair that’s prone to tangle is usually more sensitive to moisture – and breakage. (We see you, girls rocking Afros!)

“The shape of curly hair, especially tightly curly hair, does not create a straight path for sebum and water to travel all the way down the hair shaft”. “This is why Afro-textured hair loses moisture quickly after washing.”

Instead of cursing all the textured hair on your head, avoid the problem by leveling up your bedtime rituals.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase, for example, will keep much-needed moisture where it belongs – in your locks.

“When you lie on a silk or satin pillowcase, the oils from your strands are maintained rather than soaked up, leaving your hair nourished rather than dry,” stylist Jen Atkin told Cosmopolitan.

Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs all that moisture, leaving you dry and frizzy the next morning.

Women with natural hair can apply this same principle to their updos by “pineappling,” says beauty writer Tracey Wallace.

“When I first stumbled across the pineapple method,” writes Wallace at Refinery29, “the rants and raves about how well it worked seem too good to be true.”

Instead, Wallace fell in love with the method, which makes her curls easier than ever to manage the next day.

“Put your hair in a high ponytail before bed, so high that it looks like a pineapple when you pull it through the hair tie,” she explains. “Tie a scrunchie or a rubber band loosely around the base of the ponytail.”

You can also tie a protective silk scarf around your “pineapple” to help your curls retain even more moisture.

While silk is expensive, investing in an upscale scarf or pillowcase is worth it if you don’t have to fight tangles on the regular. Start saving your pennies now – you won’t be sorry.

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