The most common problems we face nowadays, and also its a condition which sheds the dead skin cells on the scalp. The flaking of skin is quiet normal after shampooing, but some people experience the unusual large flaking called as dandruff. Almost half of the population at post pubertal age are affected with dandruff and this scalp disorder, which doesn’t depend on gender and ethnicity. It is observed that most of the face area has white patches after bathing or soaping, and some regard it be dandruff, which is isn’t.

Best Ways to Fight Dandruff

There are some best ways to fight dandruff, and mostly we can use home made remedies to get rid of dandruff to maintain a healthy and younger skin. Dandruff is a scalp disorder which causes skin inflammation, redness, irritation and often causes itching of the scalp. This formation of outnumbered dead cells is caused due to deficiency of keratin.

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Causes of Dandruff:

  • Sebum or sebaceous secretions referred as skin oils are low.
  • Characteristic susceptibility
  • By formations of skin micro organisms

Treatment for Dandruff:

In most cases dandruff is treated with specialized shampoos, which help us to reduce dandruff up to one extent. The real cure is never always simple, and the best treatment to reduce dandruff is to increase the production of skin oils. Essentially karatolytic agents like salicylic acid and sulphur loosen the attachments between the coenocytes and allow dandruff to get wiped off.

Best Ways to Fight Dandruff:

Although there are many ways to treat dandruff, only some of them are fruitful in treating it. People tend to choose the easier ways to treat something every time. The fact is, treating with no side effects is much important than treating itself. So choose the medication or treatment methods wisely. Some of the most followed methods of treatment are as follows.fighting dandruffMethod: Below are the best home made remedies to treat with dandruff permanently. The procedure of applying it to your hair is quiet simple, as you have to just apply it as a coat on the scalp and wash it after an hour.

Keratinisation :

ZPT (Zinc Pyrithione) heals the scalp by normalizing the epithelial keratinisation or sebum production. Some studies have shown significant reduction in dandruff after using the ZPT.

Best Ways to Fight Dandruff


The corticosteroids work as anti inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects. It depends on the structure of the agent and the tone of the skin onto which it is used. It is generally not suggested for any individual.Selenium Sulfide

Selenium Sulfide:

It is believed that selenium sulfide controls dandruff. It has effect over cell turnover. It has anti seborrheic properties as well as cytostatic effect on cells of the epidermal and follicular epithelium. People have been reporting about adverse drug effect like wakening of hair and many others.

Coal Tar:Best Ways to Fight Dandruff

Coal tar is a keratoplastic causing the skin cells from top layer and slow the skin cell growth.

Neem:Best Ways to Fight Dandruff

Neem has anti fungal properties that can treat the dandruff effectively. it is one of the best ways to fight dandruff. The neem has special medical properties that can treat dandruff as well as medicate the hair.

Black Pepper:black pepper

Black pepper contains the dandruff fighting minerals zinc and selenium. In traditional ayurveda it has been powered that black pepper can treat dandruff. It can be practiced at home itself. It is one of the best ways to fight dandruff, that is often practiced.

Sandal Wood and Lemon:lemon

Application of the mix of oil, sandal wood and lime juice has been proven effective to cure dandruff. In traditional Ayurveda, sandal wood has the most healthy beauty benefits. It has the most human friendly anti-microbial properties. There are more treating measures that can be effective. Egg oil, anti-fungal agents, hydroxy pyridones, etc. These treatment measures can be of great use if practised. Most times specialized Ayurvedic shampoos can treat the dandruff temporarily. If dandruff is affecting your social esteem problems please follow the treatment measures for ailment of dandruff. Natural treatments of neem, sandalwood and egg oil are much more preferred to cosmetic measures, as the best ways to fight dandruff. Some times dandruff also causes allergies on face, hands and neck areas, for which the sandalwood remedies for skin would be of great help.

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