Let me tell you that; every woman experiences different types of Hair fall for different causes during this wonderful phase of her life. However, some of the major reasons are –

Blame your genes –

One of the main causes of Hair loss during pregnancy can be your genes. That is if your parents or someone in your family has this problem, chances for you getting affected similarly are more.
What’s the remedy? When the reason is your genes, doctors will treat you with the right medicines for controlling this problem and recovering soon.

Anaemia –

Anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron in your body and this symptom is very common in women who have conceived. So, another cause of Hair fall during this phase is anaemia. This health issue reduces the quantity of red blood cells of your body leading to major symptoms like Hair fall.

Skin diseases –

A woman is more likely to suffer from skin diseases when they are pregnant. Allergies may occur anywhere even on your scalp leading to severe Hair loss.

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