Will Stem Cell Be The Future Of Hair Treatment

All the hair loss news that you may be hearing these days is focused on new and expensive products that claim to treat hair loss. They have many huge claims to make but only a few of them actually deliver on those claims. Though not many people are aware of ..Continue Reading

How to Stop Hair Fall?

For one, there are different reasons why hair falls out. Aside from genetics, which we may not have total control of; some people lose their hair due to medication, ailments such as typhoid, or perhaps sebum buildup. How to Stop Hair Fall ? For people who may be experiencing hair ..Continue Reading

Why Is Coconut Oil The Best Choice For Reversing Gray Hair?

Graying of hair is the sign of biological aging of body. It takes time to turn your hair entirely gray. Age-related graying of hair is inevitable for everybody. However, for some people whitening of hair may not be the cause of the old age. A lot of middle aged people ..Continue Reading

Top 7 Healthy Foods for Long and Beautiful Hair – Instant Growth

Top 7 Healthy Foods for Long and Beautiful Hair – Instant Growth

A Balanced diet is necessary not only to maintain a healthy body, but also to provide support for other important areas of our body like hair follicles. Like every other body part, even your hair needs nutritional attention from all aspects. The cells and processes that support strong and vibrant ..Continue Reading

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Each and every hair has three layers – the inner fiber called the medulla, the middle layer called the cortex that surrounds the medulla and the outer layer called the cuticle that protects the hair from damage. When the cuticle of a hair gets damaged, the hair becomes dry and ..Continue Reading

Biotin for Hair Growth

Are you looking for a way to grow your hair back? Perhaps you have been balding for years and have tried every product on the market, but you cannot seem to find one that works. It can get frustrating when you have to consider options that are not completely natural. ..Continue Reading

How to Stop Hair Loss

At some point in your life you may experience loosing your hair. You could loose your hair for medical reasons or simply because you are getting old however, you may be able to find ways on how to stop hair loss. First off you will want to go visit the ..Continue Reading

Hairfall – Ayurvedic Treatment

Try and avoid mental stress as much as possible. It is one of the basic causes of hair-fall. 2. Daily practice of meditation and breathing exercises tend to calm and soothe the nerves of the brain and scalp. This improves the blood circulation and strengthens hair roots, thus preventing hair-fall. ..Continue Reading

Male Hair Loss Problem – Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair loss problem is not a great issue for women but for men as well. It affects the look of men and slowly they start losing their confident. Are you also facing the same problem? Do you want an effective treatment to solve hair loss problem? Well, male hair transplant ..Continue Reading

Benefits of Hair Transplant

For most men, as they grow older, a real fear of theirs, and a fear that often unfortunately becomes a reality, is losing their hair. Now, thanks to hair transplants, men all over the world can now once more enjoy a head of hair that would make teenagers jealous, although ..Continue Reading