Hair loss problem is not a great issue for women but for men as well. It affects the look of men and slowly they start losing their confident. Are you also facing the same problem? Do you want an effective treatment to solve hair loss problem? Well, male hair transplant is your answer. Hair transplant is a technique that helps in restoring natural hairlines and stop losing hair altogether in hundreds of numbers every day.

Technique of male hair transplant

Generally the professional use two techniques of hair transplant process. The `one is follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the second one is micro-grafting hair transplant.

1-FUE (follicular unit extraction)

In this process the surgeon use to pluck small group of good conditioned hair and plant them into the place where you are facing hair loss problem. The newly transplanted will then start growing like normal hair after few months. The density of the hair growth depends on the amount of hair transplanted.

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2-Micro-grafting hair transplant

This is a technique in which each separate hair follicle will be dissected under magnification. These follicles will be transplanted at the area of hair loss. In this process the surgeon will be able to plant more hair and give effective outcomes.

Benefits of male hair treatment

Hair transplant is a safe technique to grow hair at the area of hair loss by the experienced doctors. This process is little painful so a local anesthesia will be carried out. There will not be any kind of stitched in hair transplant procedure and patient will recover very fast. You will not have any linear scarring at the back side of your head, so you can wear hair according to your wish either long or short.

The surgeon will use only the strong and healthy hair follicles for male hair transplant process instead of choosing any follicle randomly. The transplanted hair will look natural after growth and match the same direction like original ones. The treated place will be packed up with dense hair growth as the strong and healthy hair was selected for the process. If there are any scars left after the surgery, it also can be treated. Hence, hair transplant is a very safe and result oriented technique to gain new hair.

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