At some point in your life you may experience loosing your hair. You could loose your hair for medical reasons or simply because you are getting old however, you may be able to find ways on how to stop hair loss.

First off you will want to go visit the doctor to make sure there are no underlying conditions that you are suffering from to cause you to loose you hair. Once you have ruled out any medical conditions that would cause you to suffer hair loss you will be able to move on to learning ways on how to stop hair loss. Your doctor will have suggestions for you but there are many different ways to help stop your hair loss.

One of the ways to stop hair loss is to treat your hair with natural oils that promote hair growth. One of the best herbs to use is Palmetto. Palmetto was used by the Native Americans to promote healthy hair and skin. So when you use it on your scalp you will be helping your hair grow and adding to the healthiness of your scalp.

There are also some vitamins out there that help promote hair growth such as vitamin A, E and B but also Omega 3. Each one of these vitamins will help you to re-grow the hair you have lost or help the hair that you have to stay healthy and not fall out.

You can also use essential oils that you can rub on your scalp to help your hair grow. When you massage the oils in, you will be helping to circulate the follicles and helping them to get the air they need to breathe so that they will be stimulated to grow.

Oil that you can use to help promote hair growth would be egg oil. You will want to message egg oil onto your scalp and leaving until the morning and then washing it off. If you use the egg oil two to three times a week you will see an improvement in your hair growth within twelve weeks.

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