Hormonal factor is the common hair loss cause. This happens due to heredity condition known as female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness. In hereditary susceptible women there are certain sex hormones that are focused a particular patter of hair loss permanently. As far as temporary hair fall is concern, the hormonal changes or improper balance in hormones can be a reason. These changes or imbalanced could be due to childbirth, menstrual cycle, pregnancy or discontinuation of birth control medicines etc.

Medical causes for women hair loss

There are various medical reasons that can cause hair loss for women. Thyroid problem is one among them. Thyroid gland helps in the regulations of proper hormone levels in the human body. If in case the thyroid gland is not able to work effectively then hair loss problem starts. Alopecia areata is a disease which occurs in human body when the immune system attack hair follicles and start causing hair loss problem. Scalp infection or skin disorder can be another reason to cause hair loss problem.

Other reasons for hair loss

Physical or emotional shock can also be a reason to cause hair loss, such as high fever, losing weight suddenly etc. There are few hairstyles that also cause hair loss problem, such as pigtail. In this hairstyle the hair are pulled very tightly and creates a problem of hair loss as a result.

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Home remedies to cure hair loss for women

  • You can apply arnica into the hair roots as a cream or hair rinse prepared with adding arnica tincture diluted with slightly warm water. It will enhance the blood circulation and increases the hair growth.
  • You can also apply jojoba oil into the scalp to increase hair growth. Many specialists recommend emu oil or kalaya oil to moisturize and stimulate hair growth.
  • Hair loss for women can also be cured with the help of a mixture of licorice tincture and essential oil of your choice, such as rosemary, Sage etc.

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