A Hair plug is a surgical procedure for those men and women who suffer from baldness. Baldness can make a person look ugly and can also put him in stress and depression. Although, stress in itself is a reason for hair fall leading to baldness, baldness caused due to other reasons can also result in stress. When a person faces hair fall due to any changes in the environment or changes in his internal body system, he should immediately look for a treatment to stop the problem. There may be a case that even after proper care and maintenance, hair fall takes place.

This may be because of ageing, as with passing time, hair tends to become grey and weak and therefore break. Sometimes changes in the climate or routine of a person also becomes a reason for hair fall in his life. Hair fall can easily change itself and can take shape of permanent baldness. Therefore, you should never ignore hair fall. Hair plugs are one of the common way to fix the problem of baldness. In the procedure of using a hair plug, healthy hair is transplanted to the area of baldness. This procedure takes time and requires multiple sessions for completion.

Types of hair transplants

There are various types of hair plug techniques which differ on the basis of size and shape of the graft from the donor site. Some of the techniques are as follows:

• Micro-grafts

• Mini – grafts

• Punch grafts

• Slit grafts

• Strip grafts

Hair plugs can be done on men and women solving their problem of baldness. But to undergo the treatment the patient must have enough hair on his scalp. Lack of hair can refrain him from undergoing the treatment. A person suffering from baldness should visit a doctor for consultation and to know more about the treatment. A patient also needs to take some precautions before undergoing the procedure of hair plug such as, he needs to quit smoking and drinking and also intake of some kind of medicines is restricted.

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