If you believe in eradication hair problems from the root, then zinc for hair loss would come across as the perfect remedy for you. This is mainly because you will have to use zinc in one form or the other in order to get the best results from your hair loss solutions. Even miracle hair loss prevention nutrients like Biotin cannot work up to their full efficiency if they do not find enough zinc in the body to work with. If you use it properly, zinc for hair loss remediation could be the perfect solution you have been looking for. You can take zinc naturally or better get a supplement to help stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth on your head.

Theories and facts surrounding zinc for hair loss concept

It is commonly suggested that zinc will help in the growth of the cells in your scalp. This is quite helpful in making sure that your hair follicles are generated quickly and they start growing hair as well. Zinc also helps in keeping a check on testosterone and other hormones that cause problems with your hair. More important, zinc will help your body in absorbing other vitamins so that they can work together to help prevent hair loss.

• Zinc does not work as a DHT inhibitor as most people believe. It can slightly increase the production of DHT which can result in thinning hair. However, zinc thankfully enhances the function of biotin which helps in growing hair. The effects of biotin usually outweigh the effects of DHT so that proper hair growth is achieved.

• Zinc can regulate the levels of serum as well as testosterone levels in your body. As a result of this hair loss will stop. In totality, it only helps in balancing the hormones in your body because of which the hair loss caused due to hormonal imbalances is reduced to a minimum.

• Zinc can help in regulating TNF-a, a chemical messenger which makes the body create autoimmune reactions to the healthy tissues. It is usually more harmful than DHT and can cause more damage to your hair as well. Zinc helps in regulating this chemical messenger and it helps in the regrowth of naturally pigmented hair as well.

Where to find zinc for hair loss?

You can find zinc in adequate quantities in red meat, oyster, poultry, nuts, pumpkin seeds, yeast, shrimps, egg yolk, wheat germ and even mussels. Soy products often contain a good amount of zinc.

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