People try every product on the supermarket shelf, just for hair growth that can make them look more attractive. Though it is not wrong to use any of these products, you should understand that using topical products will hardly help you in getting any good results unless the root problem of the issue is solved. However, if the topic product is a good oil, then you will certainly receive many benefits because of it. Today, we would be focusing on some of the good oils for hair growth that shall make your hair grow thicker and longer while working at a cellular level. Take a look.

Bhringraj oil

If you want your hair to look perfect, then there is nothing better than Bhringraj oil. It is one of the best Ayurveda remedies for hair loss. Use this oil for one month and you will find your hair noticeably smoother and thicker. It is actually a blend of False Daisy with sesame seed oil. However, it can also be blended with many other ingredients to increase the therapeutic properties. It can also help in reducing premature greying and will boost hair growth for very healthy hair. The oil is not very heavy.

Castor oil

This oil comes with a rich source of Vitamin E and even minerals and proteins. Castor oil has a very high viscosity and washing it off hair can be really difficult but you can definitely bear with that because of the amazing benefits that your hair will get. This oil is anti-microbial in natural and it helps in softening and moisturizing the hair. It will also reduce scalp diseases and inflammations. The blood circulation of the scalp will also increase because of this. You should over it as an overnight treatment but don’t use a harsh shampoo to wash it off. It can thicken and soften your hair in no time.

You can be using argan oil as the ultimate remedy for dry and damaged hair. It will be promoting hair health and will also be ensuring that it remains moisturized all through. Argan oil can easily penetrate your hair shafts and it would be providing deep nourishment to you as well. As the oil is rich in anti-oxidants it can be used for hair growth. It contains a very high dosage of Vitamin E and F which will help your hair in becoming thicker and very lustrous as well. It is good for hair growth in case of damaged hair.

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