Everyone who wants long, thick and luscious hair has heard about the Ovation hair Therapy products. These products have very high claims and even a big hype regarding their end results. However, with all this hype, does this product really stand up to the expectations? Using expert reviews and customer reviews, we are presenting an honest and unbiased verdict on what Ovation hair can do and what it cannot.

Stop using heating and styling products too often

We often see people blow drying their hair every day and then styling them in new ways in order to get new looks and compliments. However, they fail to understand that this daily dose of compliments is weakening their hair and making it become thinner as well. Therefore, you should be making sure that you are not using heating and other styling products way too often. Leave the blow dryer and hair straighten or curler back in the drawer for a few days and do yourself a favor by preventing hair loss. You will find your hair thanking you for not being so rough on it.

Believe in cleansing and conditioning

Adopting a good cleaning routine is what everyone must be doing in order to prevent hair loss in the future. However, most of the people are blindly following someone else’s advice, without thinking about what works best for them. Some people have extremely oily hair and not washing it daily would be an invitation for infections and pimples. Those who have very dry hair can still work on alternate days. The point is not about creating a rule of thumb. It is more about finding what suits well to your hair. Experiment a little and check what all is working for you. Then flow that routine for your hair simple. Just remember two things here. First, no matter what your hair care routine, wash it only with a mild shampoo. Second, always apply a conditioner towards the ends of the hair.

Eat well

A lot of nutritional deviancies can be causing you to lose hair. There are many underlying medical causes for hair loss that can also be met if your nutrition is right. So make sure that you eat well. Get ample of proteins, water and essential fatty acids in your diet. Also include nuts for getting all the essential minerals for preventing hair loss and you will have healthy hair forever.

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