Some good hair growing tips can literally transform the way your hair has looked till date. By keeping the nature, texture and color of your hair in mind, you will easily be able to find the right hair solutions that would help you in growing your hair. However, there are some tips that could be used by everyone in order to get the perfect hair for themselves, regardless of the kind of hair they have.

1-Handle your hair with some care

Don’t comb or brush it like it belongs to someone else. This will only tangle your hair more and it would also be causing a lot of unnecessary breakage and even follicular and mechanical damage to the hair shaft. Quite evidently, this would not be one of the most pleasant things to experience. Follicular damage will mean no good hair growth for you.

2-Massage the scalp on a regular basis

Take any oil that you like and then start massaging it on the scalp with your fingertips. Use gentle clockwise motions for this purpose. It would be helping a lot in hair growth and will also be making sure that you get ample blood circulation in the scalp. It increases oxygen intake of the scalp and makes it grow healthy. Consequently, hair growing will become quite easy and your scalp will also remain diseases free for very long.

3-Make sure that you drink ample of water

Though most of our hair is made of protein, it also has some moisture content locked in. When you drink less water, the hair becomes devoid of water and looks frizzy, dull and even completely unmanageable. In such a condition, you should be drinking ample of water. To be honest, 8 glasses a day is a useless rule. Drink as much as you possibly can.

4-Binge on nuts

They often contain a lot of essential minerals and vitamins that could be helpful in hair growth. Whenever you feel hungry, simply get some dried fruits or nuts and then get ready for a binge treat. You can also roast them lightly for a better taste. You can even include pumpkin seeds in this list.


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