So that is pretty much a title that makes no sense, on the surface… but if you watch my video below it will. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, and when I mean in the swing of things, I mean into working on my site here, communicating with everyone (to the best of my ability) and helping in any way I can.

My main goal, since starting The Women’s Hair Loss Project,  has always been to make sure no other woman ever feels she is alone in this journey. I know hair loss. Intimately.  I know what it is to deal with hair loss at a young age, since I started to loose my hair at 21… I’m 37 now, and I hope no one has to ever struggle alone, the way I did.

Once I started wearing wigs and found Follea in 2012, it ultimately,  for me was how I was able to accept my hair loss.  I really wanted women to know that there is life after hair loss, even in the worse case scenario.  I know not everyone can accept wearing wigs, it’s not perfect, it’s not our hair… but it can still be pretty awesome, it’s been a journey to say the least.. and if you read my last post, you will know this journey still continues for me.

Over the years I have received emails with the question of why do I wear sunglasses in my videos and photos. I want to answer, and answer why I am now taking them off.

Hair loss for me, was by far the most crippling thing that has ever happened to me. I lost over a decade of my life to it. I surrendered, I gave up. When I started writing / blogging here, it was and is anonymous… I felt I could never share all of my true self, and the pain that came with dealing with this in all it’s disgusting and anguishing glory, if I wasn’t anonymous. Who wants to be googled for their name ( in this day and age) and have their site come up with all the personal details and struggles of their life? This blog was my diary. If you go back to the beginning of the posts in 2007, you will see this. Anonymity was the key to be being free, to be honest in my dealing with hair loss as a young girl.

I have shared as much of myself here as I can over the years, and after I found Follea 3 years ago, I found myself again, and it was so important for me to be able to show other women that wearing wigs was a viable option. They weren’t reserved for little old grey hair ladies in rocking chairs, they were for all of us. Whether or not you wear Follea, or some other brand, doesn’t matter.. I wanted to show this as a real and viable option. It’s okay, it’s acceptable.  I struggled with my anonymity and I am a super private person in general. My happy medium was wearing sunglasses, as I felt this afforded me some type of protected visual anonymity. Though, in reality I was probably like a cat hiding in the grass, and you standing on the steps, looking at your cat saying “I see you.” LOL. Even so, it was my comfort level. We all can only do so much right?

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