1. It bounces.

Straight hair doesn’t bounce. It might swish (which curly hair can do too, by the way), but no bounce.  Bouncing hair reminds me of happy things, like bouncy castles as a child.

2. It’s easy to play with.

Curly hair is endlessly entertaining. It’s easy to separate one large curl into lots of strands of smaller curls. Or you can just pull the curl and watch it spring back up. Straight hair can’t do that. Wavy hair can’t do that. Curly hair. Curly hair can.

3. You don’t have to brush it.

In fact, with naturally curly hair, it’s better not to brush it. People always gave me weird looks when I told them I used to not own a brush.  But you just run your fingers through your hair and you’re good to go! In fact, brushing curly hair too much can actually brush out the curls. And then it’s all poofy, and your hair looks like a lion’s mane.

4. They make special shampoo.

They make shampoo just for curly hair. How special your hair must feel, that this shampoo was created with a formula designed just for it. That’s true hair love, is it not?

5. No Ponytail Ridge.

After hair has been in a ponytail for a long time, and then it’s let down there’s normally a ridge, wave, whatever you’d like to call it where the hair tie was secured.  Not with curly hair. Curly hair just bounces back to its normal state. Lovely.

6. It’s Easy to make Fancy or Relaxed.

What do all the girls do during prom season to look fancy? Get their hair curled.

So, ladies, let’s embrace our natural curls. Let them free, let them breathe, and remember your curly hair is beautiful (and better).

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