What is Hair Cloning?

Hair cloning is a new field of scientific research that is making rapid advances towards a cure for androgenic alopecia, or genetic baldness. It involves removing approximately 50 – 100 hair follicles followed by microdissection and removal of certain cells which are then multiplied in a lab. The millions of newly created cells would then be implanted in balding areas of the scalp to create new, permanent hair. In theory an unlimited supply of hair could be produced and implanted from the original 50-100 follicles. Perhaps as early as 2027 this technology is expected to become a reality, although substantial work still needs to be done in order for hair cloning to become a viable option.

When it does, current methods of hair restoration, such as follicular unit extraction and transplantation, will be replaced with the injection of active cells that act like “seeds” and grow new follicles where transplanted. However, it is unclear how these new hairs will grow in terms of direction, and other characteristics such as color, length, curl, coarseness and shape that account for a natural look.

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