Dealing with Hairloss:

Dealing with hair loss is a stressful affair for even the most self-assured among us. Both men and women have experimented with an array of alternative treatments, searching for the holy grail: the cure for hair loss. One common home remedy is a mixture of honey and cinnamon for hair loss.  The ..Continue Reading

Triphala for Weight Loss:

1.  Take 1/4 tsp of Triphala powder and mix it in water and drink once a day. This mixture also will prevent constipation and will keep the digestive system in peak order. 2. Take 1/4 tsp of a triphala powder, mix it with honey and consume. 3. Take 1 small ..Continue Reading

Popularly know as Triphala:

Kadukkai | Haritaki for skin and face: Haritaki is one of the amazing natural ingredient to cleanse the skin. As it can remove the toxins of your body, taking haritaki powder internally can get your skin become cleansed. You can get glowing skin by taking it regularly as the toxins ..Continue Reading

How to use Vitamin E for hair:

Step 1 Wash your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo. Squeeze the excess water from your hair, and blot your hair with a towel until damp. The vitamin E penetrates best on a clean scalp. Step 2 Pour a quarter-sized amount of grape seed, sesame or carrot oil into ..Continue Reading

Homemade Vitamin E hair mask:

Hair mask Much like the kind you would put on your face, a hair mask is meant to soothe or treat the scalp. Although vitamin E oil may help moisturize your locks, the strands of your hair can’t be “healed” by it. Instead, focus the mask on your scalp where ..Continue Reading

Richness of Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is best known for its antioxidant properties that help reduce free radical damage and protect the body’s cells. Although you can find it in the supplement aisle, many companies add vitamin E to their beauty products. And for good reason! Vitamin E has been used in dermatology since the 1950s to help ..Continue Reading

How Long Does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System Last?

Non-surgical hair camouflage systems are made from a special derma base which acts and feels just like a second skin. It is infused with best quality human hair sourced from around the world The base is light and permeable thus allowing your scalp to breathe. It’s just like a second ..Continue Reading

Know your hair replacement options:

If you’re in the latent stage of hair loss, where there is a very large balding area to be covered, then our customized non-surgical hair replacement procedure could be the best option for you. Our non-surgical hair replacement procedure allows you to achieve a head full of hair that looks natural, ..Continue Reading

Parameters to consider when you go for hair transplant:

Identifying The Perfect Hair Replacement System When it comes to non-surgical hair replacement systems, you are guaranteed to receive a natural looking head of beautiful hair, akin to your own.  The treatment will not impact upon your lifestyle and you will not have to take time out of work for ..Continue Reading

Yeah…,you always have a solution to your hair problems – FLAIRHAIR:

No matter which hair restoration method you opt for, you need to take the time to research all of the available methods available, making sure that your health and looks will benefit.  Even a quick search on the internet will show you several non-surgical hair replacement system and hair transplantation ..Continue Reading