Losing your hair can be upsetting in many ways, making you feel less confident and even low in self-esteem. But with hair loss being a common occurrence for many, what is the best way of restoring your crowning glory and achieving a natural look with minimum pain and expense?

In recent years, many have moved away from surgical hair transplants to hair replacement systems.

Hair Transplant Procedure


Very simply, this is a surgical procedure that involves taking hair from one part of the scalp and transplanting it in another; where the hair loss is evident. This is obviously going to be fairly expensive and you are also going to need plenty of your own natural hair to enable the process to be carried out effectively. For sufferers of hair loss who have insufficient donor hair follicles then a transplant is not really a solution that will work. As for the actual procedure, this takes several hours. An anaesthetic will be used to numb the scalp and then strips of hair follicles will be taken, dissected and implanted into tiny incisions made in the scalp. Once the surgery is complete you then have to allow a period of time for the hair to ‘grow’; sometimes six months or longer so this is not a solution that delivers immediate results.

Advantages of hair transplant

  • Positive aesthetic change
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Natural hair look
  • Simple procedure under local anaesthetic
  • Growth continues
  • Hair Replacement System




    Don’t confuse these with the old-fashions types of toupees or wigs which never looked good and were always easy to spot on someone’s head.  You no longer have to look like you have planted next door’s cat on your head as the new hair pieces or hair systems are a far cry from the old top knots.  Today hair replacement systems have changed dramatically; the materials used to construct them are much finer and more sophisticated and the hair is often natural human hair, looking incredible when in place.  Compared with the painful hair transplant procedure, using a hair replacement system provides an instant new look, no matter the reason for your hair loss.  Heredity baldness, medical problems, chemotherapy and a host of other reasons can be dealt with by the application of a hair replacement system that has absolutely no limits when it comes to matching your own hair.  Choose any colour, style, density, texture or length; your hair system will come ready styled and ready to put in place.  Due to its versatility and affordability, the hair system has become very popular.

    Advantages of hair replacement syste

    • Instant results with no waiting
    • Zero surgery
    • Lower cost
    • Great for temporary hair loss
    • Suitable if you have no donor hair

    Disadvantages of hair replacement sytem

    • Wearers may feel they are using a wig
    • Keeping up with new hairstyles
    • Regular maintenance
    • Requires frequent cleaning

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