Identifying The Perfect Hair Replacement System

When it comes to non-surgical hair replacement systems, you are guaranteed to receive a natural looking head of beautiful hair, akin to your own.  The treatment will not impact upon your lifestyle and you will not have to take time out of work for a series of medical procedures.   In today’s busy world, you need an option that will suit you perfectly, no matter your age, gender, race or preferred style. Even those with the most active lives can take advantage of the solution offered by a hair replacement system quickly, easily and affordably.  Whether you want your hair to be short or long or simply exactly as it was before you started to lose hair, this type of system can be carefully honed and tailored to provide a match that is 100% effective.

Designing and creating hair replacement systems is an art and one that is carefully practised by the professionals.   Whether you are totally new to hair systems or replacing an older one, by working with knowledgeable experts you will receive a product that looks real, natural and suitable for your age and colouring.

  • DENSITY- When it comes to density of hair, if this is not spot-on, you will look like you are wearing a wig and nowadays, there is no need for that.  Your hair cannot be too thick or you will continually look as if you are wearing a furry hat!  Thickness should be matched to the hair on the sides and back with the direction of the hair being a good fit for your usual hairstyle.  You will have a range of options such as freestyle (hair can be brushed in any direction), set partings, crown positioned or with certain breaks in the hairline.  When it comes to looking good with hair systems, less is definitely more.
  • COLOUR – Your hair colours needs to be a perfect match for your age, complexion and natural hair that is left. Even if you have some grey hair, this can be incorporated, complimenting your appearance rather than detracting.  You don’t want people staring at you as if you are in fancy dress, complete with Elvis-style wig!  Mismatched colour can and will be a nightmare so don’t go there.
  • TYPE – Whether you go for natural human hair or synthetic, much will depend on your budget and lifestyle.  There is no doubt about it, human hair always looks the most realistic but then again, synthetic hair will last forever and never fade.
  • CUT – Your hair system will usually come ready-styled but always get it cut by a professional hair-stylist. Don’t try trimming your hair system yourself as this can only end in disaster and one that cannot be remedied as the hair, once cut off, will not grow back.  Go for a style that suits you and that you love and that you will not tire of.  Even the modern short-back-and-sides with the long hair on top can be accommodated so there is no need to look old-hat or badly styled.

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