No matter which hair restoration method you opt for, you need to take the time to research all of the available methods available, making sure that your health and looks will benefit.  Even a quick search on the internet will show you several non-surgical hair replacement system and hair transplantation comparisons.  It’s all about finding the best option to suit you and your lifestyle.  To begin with, don’t get bogged down with looking at intricate details such as construction, type of hair or style.  What you need to focus on is the differences between the two methods and which one will suit you best; when you are swimming, dancing or dating, you need to know that your hair will look absolutely natural and that your confidence will be 100% restored.  Even when things get up close and personal, you need to feel that those nearest to you will not be put off by hair that looks dubious.

Only ever use a reliable and registered hair restoration clinic.  When you go for your consultation, ask how many sessions you will need for your type of hair; finer hair may need more sessions but much will depend on the area to be grafted.  If you are completely bald, more time will need to be allowed.  Also ask to see photos of past patients; look for natural looking hairlines and a result that looks impressive.  Find out about diseases and infection and what your total cost is likely to be as it will always be a lot more than a hair system.

If your research is leading you in the direction of a hair system, again you need to look for an expert provider who can match your system precisely to look like your own hair.  The will need to match the tone, appearance and style.  This will be based upon your facial features, age and complexion.  Also look at the different methods of fixing in place and which will be best suited to you.  If you don’t have enough of your own hair to provide hair follicles for a graft, then a hair system will be the way to go.

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