How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss: Beautiful and shiny hair is what every women desire. Lustrous locks can add so much to your personality but, the lifestyles we have they (beautiful hair) are a seen on few women these days. Hair loss is a big culprit for many women losing their ..Continue Reading

4 Methods to Use Onion to Stop Hair Fall

Onions are absolutely effective in inducing hair growth and are safe. Onions are rich in sulphur, when used alone or with a combination of other hair loss remedy enhance the blood circulation on the scalp and also improves the production of collagen tissues, which is necessary for hair growth. Ways ..Continue Reading

Hypnotherapy for Alopecia and hair loss

Hypnotherapy for Alopecia and hair loss Bad hair days for most people mean a few spilt ends, frizz, grease or lacklustre looking locks. Those suffering with alopecia however, have far more serious issues than a hairdryer on its last legs. Alopecia is a condition in which stress causes patches of ..Continue Reading

Some tips

Onion juice Onion is a rich source of sulphur which helps in hair growth by increasing collagen production. Using its juice on the scalp can help in controlling hair fall. Did you know these onion health benefits? Steps: Chop one onion finely and squeeze out its juice. Apply the juice ..Continue Reading

Steps to healthy hair

Washing every day with drugstore shampoo? You’re doing your hair more harm than good. Here’s how to overhaul your routine for fuller, healthier hair.”Lather, rinse, and repeat” may have been your shower mantra for years, but it’s not the best protocol to follow if you want healthy hair. Washing regularly ..Continue Reading

Anti Aging Ingredients For Your Skin And Hair

Anti Aging Ingredients For Your Skin And Hair Looking young always is everyone’s effort. There are specific nutritional supplements that have significant anti aging properties for Hair And Your Skin. There are several essential Anti-Aging components that can assist you to look better, Here are some of them: AMINO ACIDS ..Continue Reading

Head lice are very annoying and can cause a lot of distress. It can cause itching of the scalp and even burning as a result of continuous scratching. It is not only a problem to the person infested, but also to people around as it is contagious. School children are ..Continue Reading

How to Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun – 5 Easy Ways

How to Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun – 5 Easy Ways

Summer is the best time to enjoy vacations as many of us get enough holidays to stay away from burning sun. Also it is the best time to enjoy mangoes and other seasonal fruits. On the other hand, summer is also considered to be a threatening call for our beauty, ..Continue Reading

Softening hair naturally

Several women have problems with the dry and dead hair. Nevertheless, that is no problem ! There are simple ways to make hair beautiful and healthier at house. The methods described below all are powerful and normal. Here you will your answer for “How Can I Soften My Hair Naturally” ..Continue Reading