DHT has many roles. Apart from hair production, it is linked to benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer too. Androgens are responsible for the biological characteristics of males, including a deeper voice, body hair, and increased muscle mass. During fetal development, DHT plays a vital role in ..Continue Reading

Causes of hair fall

Stress Stress is also a primary reason of hair fall. Three types of hair fall are associated with stress; these are trichotillomania, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium. Though the hair fall caused due to stress is not permanent, you can control this by doing yoga or meditation or any physical exercises. Infections ..Continue Reading

10 Major Causes of Hair Fall – Find What Leads to your Hair Loss!

Now-a-days, hair-fall has become one of the most common problem for both men and women, this is due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, poor diet, hormonal changes and usage of detergents. These are considered to be the main threats and in order to have a strong hair ..Continue Reading