Hair Bonding

It is a non-surgical process. We initially measure the dimension of the baldness, the texture of the color and color. Artificial hair systems are created and tested with adhesives dermatologically. Hair Bonding is also considered an option for people suffering from a wide range of hair and scalp illnesses like alopecia totalis, alopecia Universalis, ectodermal dysplasia, bums, radiation, etc.

Advanced Silicon Hair Bonding

Advanced Silicon Hair Bonding means the bonding the silicon hair system to the bald portion of the head. This system is nowadays adversely followed in India and Europe. Our Hair fixing method is Non-Surgical, painless and has no side effects. We use imported and custom made quality natural hair systems, which matches the existing hair texture, color, and size. After hair bonding, customers can comb, swim, travel in open vehicles and do any type of work. The total procedure takes hardly 1 to 3 hours. The method of Hair bonding at Flairhair is very simple and gentle. We use American Technology for hair fixing. Natural hair is weaved meticulously on to the polymer-based non-natural scalp. This is called as Hair System or HairPiece or Hair Patch or Toupee which is fixed to the bald portion of the head. A unique practice for a natural look, however resetting is required every one to three months depending upon the quantity and pH of the sweat through the scalp and weather conditions.

The hairpiece will stay on the customer’s scalp for approximately 8 weeks and the user can unrestrictively attend all usual activities, even heavy sportive ones. This is one of the most important advantages of this procedure.

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